Your Exquisite Escape


Thank you for your interest and attention! 

Compensation is for modeling, companionship and my time only, as I do not offer illegal activities. Discussing them will bring our correspondence to an immediate end.


Packages & Considerations

$450/ 1 Hour

$600/ 90 Minutes

$700/ 2 Hours

$1,000/ 3 Hours

$1,300/ 4-5 Hours

Extendend Engagements available upon request.


New York City

$700/ 90 Minutes

$900/ 2 Hours

$1,200/ 3 Hours

$1,400/ 4-5 Hours

Please Note: One Hour Appointments are no longer available in NYC


***Cancelation fee may apply for last minute cancelations.


PLEASE NOTE: All established clients will be grandfathered when rates are increased in the near future.

*Rates may increase during the summer months due to seasonal higher hotel accommodations and travel cost.